Monday, April 7, 2008

Whitney Music Box

Jim Bumgardner offers us (two years ago; sorry!) a tantalising visualisation which triggers musical notes. It is something akin to a music box and inspired by John Whitney's attempts to capture music graphically.

Stay awhile and listen! (also old but good)


Chris said...

That's pretty awesome; such a simple idea with non-simple musical results. It would be interesting to jump from music, to the visual, and on through that to algebra. Makes me wonder what conic sections and other pretty basic functions might 'sound like'.

Daniel said...

That's really rad. It also reminds me of Amit Pitaru's Sonic Wire Sculptor in that it's turns a nonmusical thing into something we can hear, which is such a fun concept.

Daniel said...

Additionally, I can't stop listening to this thing.