Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beautiful Robots



Those are via Engadget.

Also there's the AirRay:

I got to see the AirRay as well as a couple pneumatic water-dwelling robots on display at the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibit at the MoMa on Sunday. I'll be posting some details of all I saw there here or on the other blog before too long. So neat!

OH! And this is a natural place to link Theo Jansen's Strandbeasts, kinetic sculptures that Jansen speaks of as living beings that will roam the beaches.


Rachael said...

These were all really cool Daniel - but the dunebots really blew me away.

Gesh said...

Holy the dunebots were amazing!!

Ashley said...

I like them all for their aesthetic value. Regarding the airborne type of robots, I couldn't help but start thinking about helium shortages!