Sunday, April 13, 2008

Science in ... parody, rap and hilarious animation?

I wasn't going to put this here, but I just have to.

How often do you get to see one of your heroes (and a bunch of other interesting folks) rap dancing to a song with so many clever references from science history? (Mixed with some rather rude, but fair, one line zingers.)

Listen for a swift kick at the prime mover argument, and references to the 1860 Oxford evolution debate and Scopes trial -- to pick out just a few.

This one was above my head, but apparently the bit about soap is a second jab at "Soapy Sam" Wilberforce.

Eugenie Scott rubbing her belly makes me smile every time.

As an aside, I'm constantly amazed at the way the Internet + creative tools in the hands of regular people are allowing us to have and frame the great discussions of our time.

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Daniel said...

Wilberforce. Wow. I want that last name.