Saturday, April 5, 2008

A matter of changing perspectives.

Check out this weird and very striking "spinning silhouette" optical illusion. The effect is so strong that many people accuse the computer of playing a trick on them; it's not! The switch that you feel you see is the result of your brain changing it's interpretation of ambiguous data.


Ashley said...

Sometimes I'm not even sure whether I've switched my interpretation or not :)

Daniel said...

I can't do it! I have to cover the woman with a sheet of paper and stare at the shadow and her bottom foot. Once I get that moving in the right direction, I'll very slowly move the paper up, which works about up to her thighs, and then my brain switches back to clockwise motion.

Rachael said...

Weird. I've definitely found that I get very different results each time I visit - maybe you will too!