Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I stumbled on Scholarpedia this afternoon while searching for computational neuroscience articles.

From the Scholarpedia main page, "The approach of Scholarpedia does not compete with, but rather complements that of Wikipedia: instead of covering a broad range of topics, Scholarpedia covers a few narrow fields, but does that exhaustively.

Currently, Scholarpedia hosts Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience, Encyclopedia of Dynamical Systems, Encyclopedia of Computational Intelligence and Encyclopedia of Astrophysics."

Authors include a slew of famous names, including Koch, Minsky, Damasio and Ramachandran. Indeed, the Scholarpedia isn't shy about telling you that amongst it's contributors are 12 Nobel Laureates and 4 Fields Medalists. All these in the computational neuroscience section alone.

Eventually editions of the encyclopedia will be made available in hard copy, as well as online where they will continue to be updated.

Amazing! Why haven't I seen this before?


Chris said...

That sounds great! Hopefully its a little more scholarly than I've found Wiki to be at times. I have some good astrophysics-type questions that maybe it can answer...

Rachael said...

All of the content that I've reviewed (admittedly, all in computational neuro & inteligence) has been spot on and better organized than in my textbooks. Would have been a great help through this year, and is definitely going to come in handy reviewing for finals.

You'll notice that there are notes as to the status of the articles; these let you know if the current content has been reviewed and approved by other experts. Nice!

Also -- I found a free neuron modeling program in their modeling pages (called NEURON). Fun!

If you spend much time looking at the astrophyics pages, I'd be curious to know what you think of the developed articles. :)