Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wanna hear a story about attempted MURDER, BOMB THREATS and more ... ?

If you've spoken to me at all within the last week, then you know that I've been pretty fascinated with the Church of Scientology.

There's an incredible story to hear here, and the more you learn the weirder, scarier and more incredible it gets.

You may already know that this religion was founded by a science fiction writer, and that high ranked members believe that the insane souls of aliens cause all human suffering.

You may have already seen Tom Cruise in a cape.

But you may not know that this story includes:
  • an internal secret service agency and a secret navy
  • high suicide rates and high pressure abortions
  • attempts to destroy critics through harassment, litigations and framing
  • destroyed families and abandoned children
  • 100,000,000 year labour contracts
  • salvation that costs 350,000$
And a whole lot more...

... rolled in with a historically unique fight with Anonymous - a group of unorganized geeks who read the same websites and who are raising awareness about Scientology, originally provoked by attacks from the church designed to shut down popular websites and destroy the lives of contributing critics.


The Church's Official Website

Scientology's Religious Freedom Watch Web Site (Warning: Intense, litigious and very bizarre.)


A former Scientologist Tory Christman's YouTube channel.
Xenu TV on YouTube
CNN interview with Scientologist Tommy Davis
Annonymous: Call to Action
Footage from a meeting of Scientologists, including Miscavige and Cruise

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