Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Science in Art: Animal Form and Function

The artwork below isn't too accurate, but it encourages viewers to think about the relationship between form and function.

Xray for air travel, originally uploaded by danjrule.

"All wings are airfoils, including those of planes." - Biology: Concepts & Connections

via Street Anatomy

ps. This guy's other art isn't sciencey, but it is pretty cool and view-worthy.


Rachael said...

Does anyone know how to modify the CSS code from flickr so that I can make the image just a little bit smaller so that it fits onto the page?

Daniel said...

First, this is really neat.

Second, if when you add the image in, go into the html and add width="395" into the img tag you'll reduce the image to the exact right width for the current blog layout.

Rachael said...

Thanks Daniel.

BUT the CSS code doesn't include anything that looks like that. I'm pretty familiar with the html code for images, so I would have figured it out myself if I had found something similar in the CSS code.

If you look at the post in edit mode, you'll see what I mean!

Daniel said...

If you'd rather put the width inside the CSS instead of the img tag properties directly, it'll basically be the same. You'd append width: 395px; to the img tag's inline style.

style="border: 2px solid rgb(0, 0, 0); width: 395px;"

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