Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Science Finds

Zombic cateripillars are slaves to developing Glyptapanteles wasps:
The Voodoo Wasp
(Also see A Fluke of Nature @ Damn Interesting.)

Photosynthetic Marine Microorganisms do it for less oxygen:
Startling Discovery About Photosynthesis: Many Marine Microorganism Skip Carbon Dioxide And Oxygen Step @Science Daily

Cute & clever taxonomy:
Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature

From the main page:
"Scientific names of organisms are not usually known for their entertainment value. They are indispensable for clarity in communication, but most people skip over them with barely a glance. Here I collect those names that are worth a second look.

Some names are interesting for what they are named after (for example, Arthurdactylus conandoylensis, Godzillius), some are puns (La cucaracha, Phthiria relativitae), and some show other kinds of wordplay (such as the palindromic Orizabus subaziro). Some have achieved notability through accident of history, and many show the sense of humor of taxonomists.

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