Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Big Picture

This isn't necessarily science-y, but this is probably my favorite new blog of all time.

The Big Picture is a daily photoblog full of very hi-res pictures focusing on a theme a day. It's a very young blog, and already there are too many good choices to link to here. But I'll try to exercise some restraint and link to the Cassini collection and the Chaiten Volcano collection.

So amazing!


Rachael said...

I an so stressed and busy I feel like my head will asplode.

That said, it really cheered me up last night to have a look at some of the volcano pictures and I'm looking forward to having a look at your other picks later tonight as a second break. :)

The lightning and smoke ... so wow! I set one of the images to my desktop.

Ashley said...

Great find! I skimmed through them while writing some code and some of them were rather breathtaking; I daresay they gave me new inspiration. ;p

Daniel said...

We're all lucky enough to get in on the blog so early in its life, so you'll have a pretty quick time getting caught up. Can you imagine discovering this thing in a year? I'd lose a week of work catching up!