Saturday, August 23, 2008

All about ATLAS

What with the LHC preparing to open up and kill us all with its supermassive micro black holes of doom and destruction, finding the ATLAS channel on YouTube is a blessing. Aside from letting me enjoy some Holst, they've got plenty of extremely informative videos about how the ATLAS detector will work, and I highly recommend watching. Here, I'll make it easy to get started:

And as an added bonus, I couldn't help but notice some PROOF that ATLAS is evil and will destroy the planet. Here's a screenshot taken from their Episode 2 video. It's a slice of the detector:

Look familiar? I believe it does, and I believe it's so unmistakable that this can be considered official proof that dark forces are at work here, consciously plotting thee destruction of this entire planet.


Uncle Ovid said...

Honestly, Daniel, stop being stupid. The LHC is not going to kill us all with tiny black holes. Everyone knows it's going to produce the first stable temporal wormholes that we will use to travel into the future and bring back technology that will usher in a new age of technological wonder; and to develop cosmoplastic parachronology, the study of how the universe reinvents itself in order to avoid grandfather paradoxes.

Anonymous said...

The LHC Rap