Wednesday, May 21, 2008


From One Laptop per Child, this is the design for the XOXO, planned for a 2010 release. The current iteration looks very much like a toy, but this thing is just sleek. Oh, to be a child in 2010!

They showed off the current design at the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibit, and before that I wasn't terribly interested in the project, but getting close certainly piqued my interest. They're creating a new interface designed to be natural for children to use, which indeed means natural to anyone not entrenched in the current (am I really about to say this?) desktop/window paradigm. Which plays a part in a larger move towards natural interfaces that I'm very much thrilled to be in the midst of. What will a generation of children raised on this mean for computing? For communication? I can't wait to see!

Via TED.


Ashley said...

Cool, dual touchscreens. I wonder how touch typing would feel on that.

Daniel said...

Probably not different than touch typing on the eye phone I'm replying on now. :) Which is to say, it's not so bad but certainly helps to have really intuitive autocorrection. I think most anyone would be surprised how little they actually need tactile feedback after they've used a soft keyboard for a while.